There's Help for Those Facing Foreclosure

There's Help for Those Facing Foreclosure

6:43pm Nov 11, 2013
There's help for homeowners facing foreclosure.
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According to RealtyTrac, the foreclosure rate for Forsyth County in September was one in every 472 homes.  That was the highest rate in North Carolina.  Guilford County came in third, with one out of every 780 homes, and Alamance was fifth with one out of every 930 homes.  

There's help for homeowners facing foreclosure, and it's free.  The North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund helps people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss or temporary financial hardship.  It also helps honorably-discharged veterans seeking work or in long-term job retraining.

Bob Kucab, executive director of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, says the worst thing to do is nothing.  He says by not taking action, many people have lost homes who otherwise could have saved them.

Kucab says more than 14-thousand homeowners have saved their homes through the program, which provides up to $36,000 in assistance.
"Now that $36,000 can be used to make mortgage payments, it can be used to reinstate loans that have gone delinquent," he says.  "Say someone has lost a job, but they found another one, but during that time they became delinquent. The program, if they're eligible, could be used to reinstate their loan and make those back mortgage payments so someone can get back on their feet and re-establish their credit."

Those who qualify for the program are connected with local counseling organizations that have professionally-trained staff to help guide people through the process.  

For more information, visit the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund's website.
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