Before There Was Punk, There Was A Band Called Death

Before There Was Punk, There Was A Band Called Death

10:47am Jul 17, 2013
Drafthouse Films

Before The Clash, The Sex Pistols, or The Ramones, there was A Band Called Death.  That’s the name of the new music documentary co-directed by Charlotte, North Carolina filmmaker Jeff Howlett

The film explores the musical and personal relationships of the Hackney Brothers and their proto-punk band Death.  The band formed in a Detroit bedroom in the early 70s.  The brothers recorded an album in 1974 that collected dust until being released in 2009. Howlett’s film traces the brothers' journey from obscurity to critical success – a journey that took over 30 years.  

You can see the film for yourself in Greensboro, at the Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema, July 19th  through the 25th.   Jeff Howlett will be doing a Q&A at the 5 and 7pm screenings on July 20th.  You can find a screening near you on the film's website, and the film is also available on iTunes, VOD and for digital download now. Triad Arts Weekend Technical Producer Eddie Garcia spoke with Jeff via phone from his office in Charlotte.

To listen to mp3s of the Hackney brothers' work, click here

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