Ten Arrested In Greensboro Police Standoff

Ten Arrested In Greensboro Police Standoff

4:32pm Nov 07, 2017
The Greensboro Police Department. EDDIE GARCIA/WFDD

An eight-hour police standoff has resulted in ten arrests in Greensboro. This is the latest in a string of gun crimes in the city.

It started with the Greensboro Police Department investigating shots fired into a home. Authorities attempted to stop a stolen truck identified in the shooting, but the occupants jumped out of the vehicle, headed into a neighborhood, and barricaded themselves in a house. Two of the suspects were then apprehended.

Police evacuated nearby residents as special response teams were put into place. Eventually, officers deployed tear gas and the remaining suspects emerged.

Chief Wayne Scott says this may lead police to solve other violent crimes.

“We find that these incidents are never isolated. Particularly around gun violence. How did the guns get into our community? How are they getting in the wrong hands? Are they associated with other things? In this case we know there is stolen property. So, what are the drivers?”

Officials say this will likely be a lengthy investigation due to the number of people involved and their possible connection to other crimes.

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