Teaching Future Generations from One Family's Painful Past

Teaching Future Generations from One Family's Painful Past

12:40pm Nov 20, 2013
WS poet Teri Hairston (l) and Choctaw storyteller Tim Tingle.

Tim Tingle says family stories are the best history lessons.

Tim Tingle is a member of the Choctaw nation of Oklahoma. In 1835, his great-great grandfather walked the Trail of Tears.

Now,  Tingle travels around the United States sharing this and other family stories of his ancestors. Many highlight the abuses committed by U.S. military soldiers against Native American Indians. Tingle is also an accomplished author.

StoryLine captured some of his stories. This program gives voice to everyday people throughout our community as they share the experiences that shape their lives.

In this segment, Tingle talks with Winston-Salem poet Teri Hairston. She just won first place for her poem Indiscretion in the publication Fire fly Ridge.He describes an unexpected reaction during his visit at a U.S. Military Base in Germany in the mid-nineties.

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