T0W3RS Releases New Album "TL;DR"

T0W3RS Releases New Album "TL;DR"

8:31am Nov 13, 2014

The music of TOW3RS has gone through a radical evolution in its brief history. The brain child of singer Derek Torres, what was once a 5 piece indie rock band has now become a one man dance party with depth.  Tow3rs’ music  combines organic rock instrumentation and electronic sounds with sincere lyrics and melodies that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The album TL;DR (which is internet slang for too long, didn’t read) was released Tuesday by Winston-Salem’s Phuzz Records. Its available on CD, online, and a white 12” vinyl. Tow3rs is playing a release party Saturday at The Garage, and he’ll be treating the audience to a somewhat rare 8 piece band performance. 

Derek is an engaging, active performer, and Eddie Garcia asked him what its like to stare his audiences right in the eye.

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