Sue Boggs Describes the Joy in Creating and Teaching Art

Sue Boggs Describes the Joy in Creating and Teaching Art

1:38pm Aug 05, 2013
Radio Camper Emma Blanks interviews Mocksville Artist Sue Boggs


Sue Boggs is an amazing artist, so its hard to believe that she didn't start making art again until she was 40.  After more than a decade long break, Sue Boggs enjoys watercolor, tempera painting, and many other forms of art.

WFDD Radio Camper Emma Blanks recently got to speak with her.


It was a rainy day in the middle of the week.  I met up with Sue Boggs, a local artist.  She was wearing a green plaid shirt with blue pants.  I interviewed her to learn about her life and her art.  She told me about what she thought her part in this world is.

It’s my part in the world to do what I can and do the beginning, the encouraging, helping people learn to create and have that confidence.

Boggs regularly teaches art classes to children and adults.  I asked her about how some of her students inspire her.

One of the classes I’ve been involved with recently, there was a lady who was 81 and taking a total beginner watercolor class. She was one of the most lively people in the class. She was an inspiration to me to see at 81, she was beginning something totally new to her.

She also told me about how her younger students discovered some of the wonders of art in her class. 

The joy on their faces when they begin to learn something and just be able to see them do it for themselves. It is totally neat. A couple of weeks ago, I was teaching in the the mountains and teaching children to do wet into watercolor, which means putting water on the paper and then putting the pigment into that. Just seeing them be able to do that… it was a total joy for me.

Art is everywhere, and while it starts out as one thing it can easily turn into another.

You’ll get started on something, maybe it is a realistic image but then you begin at each thing and each thing leads into something else and you go in a direction you never imagined you would when you began.

Some of Boggs artwork will be on display August 10th, in the lobby of The Brock Performing Arts Center in Mocksville. We can all be inspired by art. In Boggs opinion everyone is born with an inner artist, everyone just uses their creativity in different ways.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Emma Blanks.