Study: Hunger In Greensboro-High Point Worst In Nation

Study: Hunger In Greensboro-High Point Worst In Nation

11:08am Apr 17, 2015

The Greensboro-High Point metro area is now ranked No. 1 in food insecurity. A new report lists a number of causes for food hardship. 


The Washington-based Food Research and Action Center released it's new rankings earlier this month. The rankings are based on the percentage of households where members say that they didn't have enough money to buy food at some time during the past year.

Triad City Beat says that number is nearly 28 percent in Greensboro and High Point — significantly higher than Baton Rouge and Fresno, which tied for No. 2, with about 25 percent of households experiencing food hardship.

The report says the problems can be traced to a number of issues. Any working age adults are unemployed or working part-time jobs with low wages. At the same time, income support programs are inadequate and increasingly difficult to apply for and maintain benefits. And while SNAP assistance is critical, the report says the benefits are just not enough for most families to make it through the month.

The Center is recommending government intervention to address the problem of hunger.


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