Adults aren't the only ones affected by HB2. Radio 101 reporter, Natalie Bradford, talked to students at RJ Reynolds. She started discussing the bill's impact with transgender teen, Katheryn Bethel. The high school senior was born Jonathon. She says that she is not allowed to use the men's bathroom at school but used to use the women's bathroom in public. "Men make me uneasy in the bathroom, especially if I'm walking around in something like a dress. Whereas, I'm wearing what everybody else wears in the women's bathroom, so that makes me less of an immediate target."

Sophomore Bear Higgins says he is against the bill, despite supporting Pat McCrory. "You should let cities decide for themselves. The state shouldn't be able to tell local governments what to do." Bear admits he believes people should have the freedom to choose how they identify and which bathroom they use.

Abby Seibert is also a sophomore. She denounces the economic impact of the response to HB2. Seibert mentions bands like Boston and Pearl Jam have cancelled concerts. She says, "What I think they should be doing is taking the proceeds and giving them to local LGBT charities.

Young people are not only opinionated about the bill, but they're also changing its fate. An appeals court recently ruled a transgender teen can sue his school board over regulations similar to those of HB2.

Amber Moser contributed to this story.  It was produced in collaboration with Youth Radio. 



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