From Student to Police Officer

From Student to Police Officer

4:12pm Mar 25, 2013
Students who participate in the free youth academy camp in Guilford County will get hands on experience as a police officer.
Guilford County Sheriff's Office

This summer, some Guilford County teenagers can experience what it is like to be a real police officer.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s office is looking for around 30 people between the ages of 14 and 20 to join the annual sheriff’s youth academy. Guilford County residents are encouraged to apply, but teens from surrounding counties can also take part in the program.

The academy provides a positive direction for some youth. It also exposes kids to law enforcement careers.

“They are put into a uniform. We have an orientation class on the Thursday night, prior to the Monday they start the class for the whole week. While they are in the sheriff’s youth academy, they will have physical fitness, which is similar to a boot camp or type of basic training," says MCPL Dee Jackson, with the Guilford County Sheriff’s office.

The free, one week training will be offered at Guilford Technical Community College.

Students will also take a variety of classes during the program. Some of the classes offered include canine operations, traffic stops and law enforcement career preparation.

Jackson says the program also offers interactive components. Students will get firearms training, with the same equipment used by the sheriff’s office.

“They actually are shooting a gun, similar to a video game. The machine responds to your reactions. You have to actually yell at the screen and say pout your hands up or your hands behind your back. We allow students to have an opportunity to be exposed to simulated situations where they have to make those split second decisions as to whether or not to shoot or not to shoot,” says Jackson.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s youth academy will take place June 24 -28. The enrollment deadline is June 12. For more information contact Dee Jackson (336) 641-5313 or Bryan Herndon at (336) 641-3378.

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