Greensboro officials Tuesday will offer the city council a list of suggestions to improve downtown safety.

The proposals come after two violent incidents in the south end earlier this month, including a shootout that left one person dead and four injured.

City manager Jim Westmoreland says he has met with police officials and residents of the area to come up with the ideas.

“After this occurred I pulled together our core team in the city and really looked at the focus of sort of what happened and what we could do to enhance safety downtown,” he says.

Westmoreland says the proposals include having a stronger police presence downtown between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Physical improvements such as added streetlights will also be on the list. Westmoreland says he will also recommend revising the city's entertainment ordinance as it applies to nightclubs.

“That's certainly one way that we think there's a greater ability for the city to both regulate and work more directly with club owners to ensure a safe environment for the city,” he says.

Greensboro police have been working with club owners to improve training of security guards. As of last week, twenty employees from eight downtown businesses had already gone through that training.

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