The American Festival of Microtonal Music is coming to Winston-Salem for the first MicroFest ever presented in the South, September 24th-26th.

Founded in 1981 by Johnny Reinhard, MicroFest continues to revive public awareness of microtonality featuring seminal 20th century works by modern masters like John Cage, Olivier Messaien, Harry Partch and others, as well as new works by Reinhard (which we sample in today's show with Johnny performing), and acclaimed performers like pianist Louis Goldstein who will perform Cage's prepared piano works, bassist Matt Kendrick, and co-producer Aaron Bachelder. 

From September 24th through the 26th at venues throughout Winston-Salem, Triad audiences will experience world-class performances, presented along with improvisations in a variety of tunings, notably Reinhard's own 128-tuning, derived from the 8th octave of the overtone series. 

American Festival of Microtonal Music co-producer Aaron Bachelder spoke with David Ford about microtonality.

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