One triad organization is about to celebrate 50 years of creating great art. Recently, WFDD radio camper Layth Khan spoke with one of the members.


I met a blonde and dred-locked haired Nicole Uzell on a beautiful day under the shade of a tree.  She is an artist at Piedmont Craftsman in Winston Salem.  She explains how this organization is important to the community.

Treat it like a free museum, and to go in there because some of those people in that collection are in the White House, or in the Smithsonian and are very important artists. And they're here right in your own backyard!

Uzell also was excited about Piedmont Craftsman's upcoming 50th birthday celebration.  At this event they will interview some of the founding members and ask them how their business has grown.

...And so we're interviewing them, because it's really important to hear what they have to say about what it was like being at that table in 1963 with only twelve people, and now this organization is across the United States. It used to only support the Southeast, as far north as Maryland, down to Florida, and over to Louisiana… and now it's across the United States.

Currently Uzzel is working on getting her masters for visual arts.  She also says that she might become a multimedia artist in the future.  However, for now, she sculpts and makes paper pulp.

For WFDD radio camp, I'm Layth Khan.

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