The Less Desirables podcast is a weekly look at pop culture hosted by one triad resident. WFDD Radio Camper Isaac Cooper sat down with him to learn more.


During a beautiful and busy day at Wake Forest University in the middle of Hearn Plaza, Tim Beeman, a towering man with red spiky hair and a casual demeanor explained how far back his friendships with his partners Brian and Eugene go.

Eugene and I have been best friends for like 17 years, so we've known each other for quite a long time. He is in radio and he works at a local radio station here. Brian and I have just been friends for several year. Brian and I saw that we have similarities  in taste, but difference enough that we could actually be a point / counterpoint to each other.

During our conversation, Tim Beeman gave interesting insight of how The Less Desirables podcast got its nickname "The Weapon of Mass Distraction".

Because the world has enough going in it. Pop culture is what we all bleed because we all watch TV, we all watch movies, we all listen to music.  So it's about things that are distracting you from the crap that's going in the world and it's our “Weapon of Mass Distraction.”

Before working with his partners Brian and Eugene, Tim Beeman had worked at a family office and been in the Band titled Heaven's Sake, in which he sang and played bass guitar, drums, and keyboard. He learned a lot about running a business and acquiring the "business mindset" through these jobs.  For more about Tim Beeman, listen to The Less Desirable Podcast every Wednesday as well as the TLD podcast network channels.

For WFDD Radio, I'm Isaac Cooper.

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