Robert Malekoff studies the business of college sports. He has multiple degrees, and he's dedicated his life to understanding the role of college sports in our society.

Malekoff recently shared his academic take on sports with WFDD Radio Camper Desmond Cherry.


I talked with Robert Malekoff for a small interview. Robert, who introduced himself as Bob, talked to me about his career and his passion for college sports.

I guess I have a particular interest in college sports and how it intersects with higher education, its role at colleges and universities, and what impact it has on the experience that students have, and athletic circles as a whole.

Bob works for Guilford College in Greensboro. I asked him what it's like to work there.

I like what I do a lot, I really like to teach and I think teaching at a liberal arts college like Guilford... you [are] really afforded to do a lot of things colleagues at the school

Robert says as a coach, it seems that people question the position of sports in education.  And locals often come to him to ask those questions.

People are constantly debating as to what the appropriate place of sports should be in higher education I find, I guess because I have the background as a coach, and athletic administrator and now as a professor, I find there are so many interesting ways to come at the question that people seem to have.

You can find Robert Malekoff on the sidelines of most physical sports at Guilford College.  For more about this person, check out

For WFDD Radio Camp, this is Desmond Cherry.

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