Delurk means to participate in something you only previously spectated, and the artist run Delurk Gallery invites the passive observers among us into the conversation with fresh new bodies of work exhibited every month. They're submitted by guest artists and members of the current Delurk Collective. Zac Trainor is one such artist. He's also taught a variety of courses at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art.

Sawtooth School for Visual Art instructor Zac Trainor.  Zac's also a collective member of Delurk 207 W 6th Street inWinston-Salem. The current Delurk exhibit is Naked: An Unfiltered Look At The Artist's Interpretation Of The Nude Human Form. It's an invitational show featuring works from Delurk collective members, and select artists from around the country chosen by Delurk's exhibitions committee. 

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