Statement of Integrity from Wake Forest University

Statement of Integrity from Wake Forest University

11:28am Nov 29, 2012

WFDD is a unit of Wake Forest University, which, like many other institutions of higher education nationally, views broadcasting as participatory in the mission and work of the University through provision of services to the public, which are educational in the best and broadest sense. Wake Forest has nurtured and supported WFDD from its inauguration, and WFDD is an integral part of University planning for the future. Public broadcasting is rooted in the constitutional guarantees of a free press and free speech. The Radio Act of 1927 articulates the basic policy that broadcasters operate in "the public interest, convenience and necessity." Thus, Wake Forest University holds a federal broadcast license for the purpose of providing services for the public.

Public broadcast stations are qualified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and are subject to a variety of federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements. Wake Forest University and WFDD are jointly committed to respect and follow the business and legal frameworks within which our station operates.

In providing its public service, WFDD produces and broadcasts a wide range of programming of the highest professionalism and quality. The University is committed to maintaining the full confidence of the public in the editorial integrity of out news and programming, and to assuring all citizens that station management has the freedom necessary to provide WFDD's services effectively. Editorial integrity in this context is defined as the responsible application by professional practitioners of a free and independent decision making process ultimately accountable to the needs and interests of all citizens.

We recognize that as surely as programming is WFDD's purpose and the product by which our audiences judge the value of the station, that judgment continues to depend upon their confidence that our programming is free from undue or improper influence. We underline the importance of this issue and reaffirm University support and assistance to WFDD so that the station continues to meet this criterion in a responsible and efficient way.

In keeping with our responsibilities, the University will:

  • Continue to create the culture and sense of direction which assure that WFDD's mission of providing high quality programming remains paramount. 
  • Enable professional management to operate in a way which assures full public confidence in WFDD's financial and editorial integrity. 
  • Support WFDD's management in its responsible exercise of activities necessary to achieve the full WFDD mission effectively.
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