Statehouse Committee Beefs Up Anti-'Sanctuary' Bill

Statehouse Committee Beefs Up Anti-'Sanctuary' Bill

5:23pm Mar 07, 2017
House Bill 63, which was discussed in committee on Tuesday. (Screen shot:

Proposed legislation designed to penalize local governments that restrict enforcement of federal immigration laws has been expanded.

The updated measure would allow the state to withhold more tax dollars and let citizens file formal complaints.

A House judiciary committee discussed the legislation Tuesday, but did not take a vote.

The bill itself gives instructions on how the attorney general would investigate so-called "sanctuary" claims.

If a determination is made that a municipality or county is following such a policy, it would mean tax revenues from several sources would be withheld.

Several members of the public spoke against the bill. Many worried about a provision designed to make it harder for people in the country illegally to get bond before a criminal trial.

Chris Storie of Caldwell County says she supports the bill, citing the death of her brother in a car accident. She says the accident suspect was in the country unlawfully and is now a fugitive.

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