State Gun Law At Odds With Rowan County Rules

State Gun Law At Odds With Rowan County Rules

1:33pm Aug 18, 2014

Rowan County Commissioners are meeting Monday to consider changes surrounding weapons on county property. The new state concealed carry permits conflict with the county’s current rules.


Concealed-carry permits laws now allow gun owners to bring their weapons onto county property, where those handguns are currently banned.  The Salisbury Post reports commissioners are considering an amendment that is meant to comply with North Carolina law. That law allows concealed-carry permit holders to take their guns into parks, but it’s less clear on local government buildings.   

Some officials note that allowing the public to carry guns in government buildings means employees could too, raising questions regarding work place safety, particularly in the  Department of Social Services, where employees often deal with abusive parents.  

  A subcommittee recommended a plan spreading out compliance over two years, immediately allowing concealed-carry in parks, but delaying approval for other properties, while safely and liability concerns are examined.

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