State Board To Consider Early-Voting Plans in Guilford, Watauga

State Board To Consider Early-Voting Plans in Guilford, Watauga

5:11pm Sep 17, 2015
More than 400 people voted within the first six hours of early voting Thursday at the on-campus student union at Appalachian State University.
WFDD photo by Paul Garber

The State Board of Elections on Friday will consider disputed early voting plans in Guilford and Watauga counties.

In July, the City of Boone asked the Watauga elections board for an additional polling place on the campus of Appalachian State University.

But the Watauga Board split on whether to grant the request. The plan now goes before the state board for review.

The on-campus precinct was popular in last year’s election, with more than 400 people voting there within six hours of the start of early voting. But critics say the precinct is hard to find and it’s difficult to control electioneering near the site.

In Guilford County, the local board split on the early-voting schedule. At issue is whether to include a Sunday date during early voting. Some argue the additional weekend date gives more people access to early voting, while others argue the county has never offered it for a municipal election.

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