At Special Meeting, City Of Greensboro Releases Police Assault Body Camera Video

At Special Meeting, City Of Greensboro Releases Police Assault Body Camera Video

4:35pm Sep 26, 2016
Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan at special meeting 9/26/16 - still from City Council camera

The City of Greensboro is apologizing to a black man who experienced excessive force at the hands of a police officer. A special city council meeting was held Monday to release police body camera footage of the incident.

The video depicts an event that took place on June 17 showing former Officer Travis Cole physically assaulting Dejuan Yourse. It shows him repeatedly yelling “I’m not resisting” while the officer shouts “you’ve been resisting the whole time.”

Officer Cole resigned during the investigation, but is still accountable to any charges against him. The city is seeking a full revocation of his law enforcement certification, assuring that he will never carry a badge again.

All council members including Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Yourse, who was in attendance. 

“This will be the second video in approximately four months that the City of Greensboro has released. I’m not sure that there is any other city in the state who has been more transparent or willing to work with body-worn camera video footage than your city council has."

But the meeting was contentious at times, as various community members spoke up, saying they want more answers. Why did it take so long? What about the other officer at the scene?

"What we see is that there are no measures of accountability that are being taken. We’ve seen it in the cases across the country and now we’re seeing it here in Greensboro, to where there’s obviously being harm done, there’s obviously been damage done to the community, and no one is being held accountable," says Irving Allen, who spoke during the public comment period of the meeting.

The City Council says the investigation is ongoing.

(WARNING: This video contains graphic content and may be disturbing for some viewers)


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