Smitty's Notes Turns 15

Smitty's Notes Turns 15

4:45pm Jan 07, 2013
Awake the White & Wint'ry Queen
Scott Fray

Smitty’s Notes does more to spread the word about goings on in the Triad and to bring people together than just about any other single source in our community.

Today, 15 years after its inception, Smitty’s Notes eNewsletter is just as vital as ever, and it’s now on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The man behind Smitty’s Notes is Jeffrey Smith. The Litigation Paralegal has served and continues to serve on dozens of boards and community organizations including some he founded, like Evening with Eight—Plus Smitty, a dining concept that introduced the general public to the Winston-Salem community.

Jeff has won awards for networking and developing social capital from organizations like Downtown Winston-Salem, The Business Journal of the Triad, Chamber of Commerce and many others. He's a lifelong resident of Winston-Salem and one of the first residents in the new downtown area of Triad Research Park. The self-described Urban Pioneer dropped by recently to reflect on 15 years of Smitty’s Notes and community building.

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