Senator Burr Votes For Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos

Senator Burr Votes For Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos

4:41pm Jan 31, 2017
North Carolina Senator Richard Burr speaking during the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on Betsy DeVos - photo courtesy Senator Richard Burr press office

President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, is one step closer to heading the department.

The nomination of Devos has been controversial. This procedural vote in the Senate is the second of it’s kind – Democrats asked for another one after allegations were made that DeVos plagiarized some of her answers in her initial hearing. 

In a passionate speech, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr said he will work with Devos to ensure that every child in America receives a world-class education.

“Every issue we take up have {sic} a real impact on every American's life at some point. Isn't that what Betsy DeVos is trying to impact? Every life that she could possibly impact from the role as a private citizen? As a philanthropist, to take her money and actually invest it in somebody else’s opportunity - yet she’s being condemned for it.”

The nomination of DeVos now moves on to the full Senate for confirmation. But according to reports from national media outlets, there are members of the Republican Party who have yet to commit to voting for her.


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