A great power-pop song has one foot in happy-go-lucky hooks and another stomping a triumphant riff. That's a space occupied by The Toms' pop ballast, Shoes' handsome two-day scruff and Buzzcocks' sunniest kiss-offs. Spend just two minutes with Saturday Night's "Curse or Blessing," and it's immediately clear these 20-somethings live in power-pop's in-between, where the sugar is just as important as the grit.

Featuring members of D.C.'s punk and indie-rock scenes, Saturday Night jams spring-loaded riffs into jangly rhythms. "Curse or Blessing" features a sweet-and-sour call-and-response between Nora Button (keys) and Cash Langdon (guitar) with Langdon's sharp guitar work and a crisp rhythm section (drummer Jesse Sattler and bassist Luke Reddick). It's a dynamic offering from the power-pop band's self-titled debut, and, well, pretty much perfect for a party on a Saturday night.

Saturday Night comes out Aug. 17 via Gentle Reminder.

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