Russian WFDD Radio Camper Interviews Lumbee Tribe American Indian

Russian WFDD Radio Camper Interviews Lumbee Tribe American Indian

12:04am Aug 01, 2013

North Carolina’s Native American history and culture is rich, from the mountains to the coast. One of the tribes that has contributed the most to our heritage is the Lumbee Tribe. This week, WFDD Radio Camper Dasha Panchuk got to learn more about the Lumbee Tribe from StarDancer.

Dasha is from Russia and speaks limited English. She completed Radio Camp (and her interview) with help from fellow campers and a translator app on her smartphone. Her narration is provided here by Radio Camp program assitant Pam Clough.


I met Nora Dial Stanley, StarDancer, a member of the Lumbee Tribe, in Guilford’s native American Art Gallery. She was a very nice person, and had a bright personality. She loved to talk and was wearing beautiful jewelry, her native shawl made of her native colors red, black, and white. She also had a small hand drum with the same colors and pattern on her shawl.

Я встретила Нору Дэниел Станли, члена племени Ламби, Колибри и Звездную Танцовщицу, в Галерее искусств Американских Индейцев Гринсборо. У нее яркая личность, и на нее была одета яркая бижутерия, национальная шаль вытканная из цветов ее племени, красного, черного и белого. Также, у нее был маленький ручной барабан с таким же рисунком. 

I asked her how she became a story teller and about her inspiration.

Я спросила ее как она стала рассказчицей и что вдохновило ее:

When I first became involved with Guilford native and started doing storytelling, I was 18 years old. I went to a kindergarten (a young child class) class and I spoke to 4 year olds. For 20 minutes, those 4 year olds sat on the floor and did not move. I was quite impressed with myself.  Afterwards, the teacher came up to me and told me that one little girl did not come out because she was told “The Indians are coming” and before she even laid eyes on me, she was afraid of me. That's what inspired me, because I knew I had a story to tell.

She wants to share with people the true story of American Indians, and the wisdom of Native American Culture.

Она хочет поделиться с людьми истинной историей Американских индейцев, и мудростью их культуры.

In a lot of Native American art or regalias, you’ll see the symbol of the turtle. And there is one story that tells Mother Earth was built on turtle’s back. But my favorite story was how turtle broke his back and there is morals and lessons to the stories I tell. But, in short, turtle broke his back because he was trying to be like someone one else. The moral of the story is to not to spend your life like someone else, because the creator made you perfect just the way you are.

You can see and hear Nora Dial Stanley at 36th Guilford Native American Association Pow Wow on September 20th to 22nd in Lake Juno park in liberty, North Carolina.

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For WFDD Radio Camp, I am Dasha Panchuk.