Rockingham County Residents Will Learn More About Plans for Gas Drilling

Rockingham County Residents Will Learn More About Plans for Gas Drilling

1:00am Aug 11, 2014

The North Carolina legislature has paved the way for hydraulic fracturing or fracking to begin in the state. Rockinghman County is one of the first areas to be considered for the process, and on Monday, August 11, residents will learn what the new law might mean for them.



Currently, energy companies are eyeing up a portion of western Rockingham to extract deposits of methane gas.  This area also includes a section of the Dan River, which is still recovering from a massive coal ash spill in February.

The County Cooperative Extension and other agricultural agencies are partnering to host an educational meeting for residents in Reidsville. Will Stader, with the Extension Office, says legal experts will be on hand to help residents understand their rights as landowners.

“There are people in the community who don’t even know what fracking is, so I’m pleased we are having this meeting at this time to get the word out to folks.” Strader says, “If they aren’t familiar with what fracking is, they probably aren’t familiar with the legislation, leasing land and things that they may be approached on in the future if companies start to look at their property,”

Davie and Stokes Counties are among other areas in the Piedmont that are also under consideration for fracking. The state plans to begin issuing permits as soon as next spring.

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