Rockingham County Hopes Sale Of MillerCoors Plant Brings Jobs

Rockingham County Hopes Sale Of MillerCoors Plant Brings Jobs

2:54pm Jan 04, 2019
MillerCoors announced in Sept. 2015 it would close its brewery in Eden, North Carolina. The plant officially closed a year later. Photo courtesy of the Triad Business Journal.

The MillerCoors facility in Eden has been sold, and the purchase is bringing optimism to Rockingham County.

The plant has been shuttered since 2016, and more than 500 workers lost their job when it closed. But now, the former industrial site now has a new owner, Greensboro-based D.H. Griffin. 

Rockingham County Manager Lance Metzler was surprised by the news. He says local leaders are eager to learn about the company’s plans.

“Eden had the textile industries and when they closed down that was one blow and then when MillerCoors closed, that was another blow. But now you’ve got a solid investor that has purchased that property. We are excited that he’ll bring some life back in that area,” says Metzler. 

According to Metzler, D.H. Griffin purchased the MillerCoors property in December for roughly $2.7 million. In 2008, MillerCoors bought that same site from Miller Brewing for more than $53 million.

“The purchase price seemed to be lower than what we anticipated it to sell for, however knowing D.H. Griffin and their organization, we feel confident that they will make that a very successful site for whatever they have plans for," says Metzler.

He adds, "We haven’t had any communications with the firm yet to find out what their plans are, but we hope to in the near future.”

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