Rockingham County And Other Sheriffs Announce Crowdfunding For Border Wall

Rockingham County And Other Sheriffs Announce Crowdfunding For Border Wall

4:51pm Sep 20, 2018
In March, more than 300 sheriffs representing 40 states sent a letter to Congress asking members to take action on immigration reform. Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page and five other North Carolina sheriffs were among those who signed it. KERI BROWN/WFDD

The Rockingham County Sheriff is raising money to build a border wall on the U.S. - Mexico border. He’s joined a group of other sheriffs across the country to create a crowdfunding site to collect donations.

The idea came from a meeting that took place at the White House this month. According to a press release, members of the National Sheriffs' Association met with both President Trump and Vice President Pence about immigration reform and border security.

Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page was among them. He says he’s concerned about human trafficking and gang violence, but in particular, the influx of illegal drugs into the U.S.

“That’s where we need to start. Shut the flow, slow the flow down," he says. "Then we can start working with our people here in our communities with their addictions toward how to help them.”

As of Thursday, The National Sheriffs' Association's crowdfunding website has raised $14,000 toward their $100,000 goal. It’s a fraction of what the controversial border wall would cost. A recent report from the Government Accountability Office estimates it would be $18 billion to build.

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