Robbie Perkins Edged Out in Greensboro; Other Primary Results

Robbie Perkins Edged Out in Greensboro; Other Primary Results

8:20am Oct 09, 2013
wwritter via Flickr Creative Commons

Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins was defeated by Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan in the primary race for mayor.

The News & Record reports this morning that Vaughan won 49 percent of the vote, with Perkins garnering 38.7 percent.  George Hartzman came in a distant third with 12.3 percent.  Vaughan and Perkins will face each other in the general election on November 5th.

In Other Areas...

Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane has kept her job, winning a second term in office.  the Mayor's victory yesterday came as several other cities selected candidates for the general election.

Durham Mayor Bill Bell and Sylvester Williams will meet next month after yesterday's primary to select candidates.  In Asheville, Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer led former city employee John Miall in the primary. The two will meet in the November 5th election. 

Fayetteville City Council members Val Applewhite and Nat Robertson were chosen to meet in next month's election.

In Wake County, voters agreed to borrow more than $800 million for school construction.

Associated Press contributed to this story.

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