Speaking to a crowd of about 300 people at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh, Indiana Governor Mike Pence said if Republicans take back the White House in November, they will cut taxes, repeal Obamacare and put Americans back to work.

"We have but one choice. That man is ready. This team is ready. This movement is ready. And I believe the American people are ready to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America," Pence said. 

Pence's town hall meeting was the second visit by a major party's vice presidential candidate to North Carolina in as many days. Some familiar conservative faces were also on stage, including: U.S. Senator Thom Tillis; State Senator Buck Newton, who's running for Attorney General; and Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. 

They addressed a predominantly white crowd, and each hit tones of law and order, discrediting the media, and doing everything possible to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming our next President. Governor Pat McCrory, who is an ally and supporter of Pence, did not attend the rally. He was at Elizabeth City State University touting a bond initiative. 

Pence spent some time talking about Trump, praising his character, using words like resiliency and tenacity and calling him distinctly American. He hopscotched from topics during his 25 minute stump and 20-minute Q&A with supporters. He touched on the growing national debt, as well as the influence our next president will have over the Supreme Court. He also criticized Hillary Clinton's foreign policy decisions, saying weakness arouses evil, and inferred that her time as Secretary of State helped to pave the way for the Rise of ISIS. 

"Let me say here to my friends in Raleigh, my friends in North Carolina, let's decide here and now this morning that for the sake of our security, that for the sake of our prosperity, for the sake of all of our God given liberties, that Hillary Clinton will never be elected President," Pence said. Members of the crowd called out "lock her up" when Clinton's name was mentioned. 

Throughout the event, Pence moved between a slow, methodical delivery with dry punchlines, while at other times, his speech was faster with more energy, as he energized the crowd.

His visit came a day after the Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine visited Greensboro. Kaine did not take any questions on Wednesday. Pence answered a series of questions from the audience about voter ID, his role on this ticket and how Republicans would provide better mental health care. And he heard a request not to privatize the VA healthcare system. 

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