A Cone Health cardiologist is urging more women to take part in clinical heart disease trials to help reduce death rates. 

Dr. Kardie Tobb says that heart disease is the number one killer of women globally, more so than breast cancer or lung cancer. The death rates are even higher for underrepresented minority populations. 

Tobb co-wrote a new paper highlighting what she considers to be a historical gender disparity in research trials. She points out that medical advancements are still based on research done primarily on men, even though men's and women's hearts are structurally different.

Tobb would like to raise more awareness among health care providers about the role they should play in reassuring potential female participants who might be skeptical about joining a study. She says there are resources for women who may be worried about maintaining finances during the process or who may carry a distrust of the health care system.

"It is the willingness that is appreciated because we are able to get more data that can help and save the lives of more women," says Tobb. 

Tobb encourages women to talk to their physicians about any clinical trial concerns.  

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