Remebering Maud Gatewood: UNCG Presents Selection Of Paintings

Remebering Maud Gatewood: UNCG Presents Selection Of Paintings

9:15am Oct 14, 2015

The late North Carolina artist and educator Maud Gatewood graduated from Woman's College (now UNCG) in 1954.

Since then, she and her work have gone on to influence an entire generation of young artists. Remembering Maud: A Selection of Her Paintings continues at the Gatewood Gallery in Greensboro through November 8th in the Gatewood Studio Arts Building. Collateral events include “Building on Maud’s Legacy: Place and Being and Artist: A Conversation with visual artis/bloggers Sharon Butler and Brett Baker Thursday night, October 15th at 6pm. It takes place in Weatherspoon Auditorium. There’ll be a screening of the documentary Gatewood: Facing the White Canvass on the 29th and more. 

Gatewood once said “I think it's in the nature of the species to be a little evasive and covered. Ambiguity might be the heart of life as well as art.” 

David Ford spoke with UNCG Art Department Chair Lawrence Jenkens. 

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