Prevent the 2014 Hangover Blues

Prevent the 2014 Hangover Blues

2:39pm Dec 31, 2013
New Years celebrations are underway around the world as people usher in 2014.

A lot of corks will pop this evening as people welcome in 2014. Here are some ways to ensure you begin the new year with a clear head.

As people usher in 2014 tonight, many will drink alcohol. Medical experts urge people not to over indulge and to have a designated driver. Dr. Sloan Manning is the medical director of Novant Health Prime Care Express. He says while the best way to prevent a hangover is to not drink, here are some recommendations for those who raise a glass.

*Healthy EatingEat a good, protein-rich meal before consuming alcohol. The food will slow how quickly alcohol enters your bloodstream. 

*WaterDrink water or soda between beverages. Alcohol dehydrates your body hydrated and makes you feel thirsty. This encourages people to drink more. It's better to consume water or soda.

*Pace YourselfConsume less alcohol over a long period of time, possibly one beverage per hour. This will help reduce the impact the alcohol has on your body.

Even if people are responsible, they may still wake up Thursday morning with a hangover. Dr. Manning says the best remedies to battle an alcohol induced headache include:

*Drink lots of waterIt’ll rehydrate you, help flush out the toxins from the alcohol and make you feel a bit better.  

*EatEat a healthy breakfast or meal as soon as possible. Alcohol depletes salt and other nutrients from the body. A good meal will help boost a person's blood sugar.

*SweatGet out of bed and exercise. Increased circulation will speed up purging toxins from your body.

*Take IbuprofenIf your head is throbbing, Avoid acetaminophen, found in over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, because it can be tough on the liver. Instead, take an Ibuprofen like Motrin or Advil.

*SexEndorphins are the body's natural pain suppressors and sex increases the amount flowing through the body. There are studies showing sex can help reduce the pain associated with migraines.According to Manning, vitamins don't have much impact. He also says it takes 1-2 days to recover from a hangover. 

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