Possible Methane Leak In Eastern Winston

Possible Methane Leak In Eastern Winston

8:40am Jun 04, 2015

Winston-Salem is testing for methane in an eastern Winston-Salem neighborhood. High concentrations of methane were found in the soil at Bowman Gray Stadium and the parking lots around it. 


The gas was discovered during environmental testing in connection with the sale of Bowman Gray stadium to Winston-Salem State University.

The city plans to ask the residents just west of the stadium for permission to test their soil. The testing area will be between Diggs Boulevard and Williamson Street, east of Bruce Street.

According to the city’s director of stormwater and erosion control, Keith Huff, the methane is likely coming from an old landfill on the site. Huff didn't know when the area was last used as a landfill, but guessed that it was right before the construction of Bowman Gray Stadium in the mid-1930s.

The city's assistant City Manager Greg Turner said that the city will fix the problems in those homes as needed.

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