Poll: North Carolina Residents Want More Action Against ISIS

Poll: North Carolina Residents Want More Action Against ISIS

12:36pm Oct 09, 2015
A map estimating the conflict zones around Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as of Oct. 2. The Islamic State, or ISIS, controls the area in gray.
"Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese insurgencies" by BlueHypercane761

North Carolinians support the U.S. taking action against the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State, which continues to hold territory in the Middle East.

That's according to a new High Point University poll released Thursday.

The poll found about 66 percent of residents statewide believe the country should be doing more to stop the ISIS advance across Syria and Iraq. And the vast majority -- 89 percent -- think the world is becoming a more dangerous place.

Dr. Martin Kifer directed the High Point poll. In a statement, he says while people seem to be following the news on ISIS and Syria closely, there’s no consensus on what to do about the country’s refugees.

“Although there is some agreement about the need for an active U.S. role in the region, there is less agreement on U.S. responsibility for the people fleeing the conflict,” Kifer says.

Only around half of respondents say they would support allowing more refugees – from Syria or anywhere else – into the United States.

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