A leaked draft opinion suggests the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion throughout the country. Planned Parenthood organizations in North Carolina are preparing for an uncertain future.

Planned Parenthood officials are eager to dispel any confusion that might arise from the leaked opinion, which is not yet law and is subject to change.

Senior Director of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic Alison Kiser says it's important to remember that even if the draft decision does become law, people will still be able to access safe and legal abortions in North Carolina. But she says that right is far from secure.

Kiser points out that Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed any attempts to restrict access to abortion in North Carolina, and there is a sufficient number of supportive legislators who would likely vote to sustain any future vetoes.    

"However," says Kiser, "the outcome of the 2022 elections in North Carolina in terms of the elected officials serving in Raleigh will have a total impact on whether or not abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible here in North Carolina."

Kiser says that Planned Parenthood has been preparing for every possible outcome in this case and warns that the demand for access to legal abortions will not go away.

Planned Parenthood operates nine health centers in North Carolina.

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