Parliament Suspension Ruled Unlawful. What's Next?

Parliament Suspension Ruled Unlawful. What's Next?

3:33pm Sep 25, 2019
WWF Leaders For Nature & People Event
Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during the Leaders for Nature and People Event at United Nations Headquarters in New York City. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images for Freuds)

The British Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is unlawful.

Johnson told reporters at a United Nations General Assembly in New York that he “strongly disagrees” with the court’s ruling. He said he has not ruled out future Parliament suspension efforts.

It’s been three years since the initial Brexit vote. But as the October 31 deadline to reach a Brexit departure deal looms, Britain is no closer to consensus.

Financial Times chief U.S. columnist Ed Luce joins us to discuss these latest developments.

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Edward Luce, Chief U.S. columnist and commentator, Financial Times; his latest book is “The Retreat of Western Liberalism”; @EdwardGLuce

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