Over 1 Million North Carolinians Have Filed For Unemployment

Over 1 Million North Carolinians Have Filed For Unemployment

4:18pm May 04, 2020
The dashboard that an unemployment insurance applicant sees when logging into the NC Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security website. DES has received a record amount of claims as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. WFDD/SCREENSHOT DES.NC.GOV

North Carolinians have now filed over 1 million unemployment claims. The latest figures come as the state continues to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 20 percent of the state’s workforce has now applied for unemployment insurance since March 15.

The highest days for unemployment claims were in late March and then again in late April, with over 30,000 seeking benefits each day.

Of those who have filed, The Winston-Salem Journal reports that just over 44 percent have received either state and/or federal payments.

The new figures come as Governor Roy Cooper signed two COVID-19 relief bills. The bipartisan measures were approved unanimously by the House and Senate. 

Not included was a Senate provision to raise the maximum weekly state unemployment benefit from $350 to $400 once federal benefits are exhausted.

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