A local mental health counselor is speaking out about ways parents can address the Texas elementary school shooting with their children. 

Novant Health psychotherapist Jaren Doby says it's a good idea just to start with the basics. 

“Be able to ask them if they're okay. ‘Are you all right? Have you heard about what has happened?'”

He says it's also important to remember not to ask leading questions.

“Because it can evoke an emotion or a response that may not be natural for them to express," he says. "‘Hey, so have you heard about what happened? Does this make you scared?' That's a leading question. So we have to be careful of that.”

Doby says the goal is to be as honest as possible, and make sure your children are able to express their emotions in a safe space. 

He advises parents to keep an eye out for any dramatic changes in behavior, like sleep disturbances or mood swings. Those can be clues that more professional help is needed. 

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