North Carolina's Hazardous Waste: Where Does it Go?

North Carolina's Hazardous Waste: Where Does it Go?

7:59pm Sep 11, 2014

Every day, businesses across the Triad and the state generate hazardous waste like toxic chemicals and solvents.

But many hospitals, manufacturers and other companies can’t safely dispose of the waste themselves, which state law requires. So what do they do? Reporter Katie Arcieri addresses that question in her cover story in this week’s Triad Business Journal.

“North Carolina is an exporter of this hazardous waste. Unless it can be recycled on site by a company that has the capability to do that for use in other products like cement, it’s moved outside of the state to landfills up and down the East Coast, including South Carolina.” says Arcieri. “A lot of times communities do not want these types of companies in their neighborhoods, so there are a lot of barriers to enter this industry.  State regulations and the permit process can also be big hurdles for hazardous waste disposal companies.”

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Justin Catanoso is director of the Journalism program at Wake Forest University and a regular contributor to 88.5 WFDD.


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