North Carolina Prepares For The Possibility Of Bird Flu

North Carolina Prepares For The Possibility Of Bird Flu

9:09pm Apr 21, 2015

Over 5 million chickens are going to be euthanized in Iowa after the bird flu impacted a flock in Iowa. It's the latest report of the devastation the virus is taking on the Midwest. North Carolina is taking measures to prevent an outbreak here.

The poultry industry is big business in the state. It’s North Carolina’s top agricultural industry with an economic impact of over $12-billion.  It also ranks third in the nation in poultry production. That’s why state officials and companies are paying close attention.

There are no cases in North Carolina yet. But Joe Reardon, an assistant commissioner with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, says his agency is working with poultry producers and farmers to protect their livestock.

“We are also talking with the companies about understanding and reconfirming the needs of having very stringent security programs that would apply to personnel coming and going from facilities and equipment," says Reardon. “That is one of the major tips today is to make sure you are implementing biosecurity whether that would be in a commercial operation or backyard flocks as well.”

Scientists are still trying to find out how the virus has infected so many farms in such a short period of time in Iowa and Minnesota.

Reardon says North Carolina response teams from the state agriculture department are traveling to some of the affected areas to help with the depopulation process of millions of birds impacted by the virus.


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