No Plan B: Deciding Not To Have Children Because of Climate Change

No Plan B: Deciding Not To Have Children Because of Climate Change

3:32pm Sep 25, 2019
Global Climate Strike: Berlin
Participants in the Fridays For Future movement protest during a nationwide climate change action day in Berlin, Germany. Fridays for Future protests and strikes are registered today in over 400 cities across Germany. The activists are demanding that the

Under current projections, analysts are expecting severe environmental disruptions due to climate change by the time babies born today enter adulthood.

This forecast has some young people questioning whether to bring more children into such a world.

Some don’t want to bring children into the world who will ultimately feel the same fear they do. They also worry about the climate footprint of raising a child. And, they don’t want their children to have to live in a world struggling with flooding, fires and more frequent harsh storms.

How does raising a child affect one’s carbon footprint? What would this mean for populations already in decline? We assemble a panel to find out.

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Kathleen Mogelgaard, Senior fellow, The Population Institute; adjunct professor, University of Maryland

Ashley Sanders, Writer; audio producer; member, Extinction Rebellion; @ashsan82

Kelsey Piper, Staff writer, Vox; @KelseyTuoc

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