The News Roundup - International

The News Roundup - International

2:45pm Dec 27, 2019
French activist Jean-Baptiste Redde aka Voltuan (C), holds a placard as he takes part in a demonstration of rail workers and employees of Paris' RATP public transport operator as part of a nationwide multi-sector strike against French government's pension

Five people have been sentenced to death and three others to life in prison for their involvement in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A Saudi investigation into the matter determined that the murder was not premeditated — but prominent experts disagree.

Cuba has named its first prime minister in more than four decades. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel appointed tourism minister Manuel Marrero Cruz to the position in order to reportedly lighten the presidential workload.

French President Emmanuel Macron is attempting to make peace with protesters upset over suggested reforms to the country’s pension plan. Nationwide strikes have left schools, hospitals, and public transportation understaffed.

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Michael Goldfarb, Host of the First Rough Draft of History Podcast; @MGEmancipation

Nathan Guttman, Washington correspondent, Israeli Public TV; @nathanguttman

Elizabeth Kennedy, Deputy Washington bureau chief & deputy international editor, AP’ @ekbeirut

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