Greensboro has a new facility, the Community Enrichment Center, to help immigrants and refugees in the area. 

It's a collaboration between UNC Greensboro Center for New North Carolinians, Cone Health's Congregational Nurse Program, and Phillips Management Group.

The center will provide things like case management services, adult English classes, after-school tutoring, and access to a nurse for those in western Greensboro. 

Lizzie Biddle is the Senior Program Coordinator for the Center for New North Carolinians. She says this location will serve a different population than the others.

“In part, we're excited about this new center because our sense is that a large group of the residents have been here a little bit longer," she says. "So, in our other centers sometimes we see families who have been in the United States 3 months to 5 years. In this neighborhood, we have the sense that people here [it's] closer to 5 or 10 years, and so some of their needs are a little different.”

Biddle says that might mean helping individuals apply for citizenship, navigate buying a home, or further their business and education goals. All services are free of charge. It's the fourth facility of its kind in the city.

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