Scam calls are proliferating in North Carolina.  The latest series of calls revolve around soliciting tax payments.More than 500 North Carolina residents reported fraudulent calls from scammers trying to collect tax money in the past week.

Many of last week's complaint came from residents in the eastern portion of the state. The caller often identified himself as Steve Martin or David Gray and used the number 843-492-4165.

According to the News and Record, the call usually begins with a prerecorded message before the caller states that the U.S. Treasury has filed an action against the receiver of the phone call. 

A news release from the Attorney General's office stated government agencies do not threaten arrests if a tax payment or fine isn't immediately received. 

They also warn residents that caller IDs can be manipulated to match a real IRS or local phone number, even if the caller is in another country.


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