NC Retailers Host Own Tax-Free Weekend Events

NC Retailers Host Own Tax-Free Weekend Events

5:00am Jul 31, 2014
August 8-10, all clothing at NWNC Goodwill locations will be 25 percent off.
Kathryn Mobley

NC retailers offer big discount to keep local dollars in the state.

Going back to school will cost many North Carolina families more this year because the state has eliminated the annual tax-free holiday; a weekend when customers could shop without paying state sales tax. Now, many retailers are offering discounts to give customers a break. 

In Jamestown August 1-3, Textbook Brokers will charge no tax on books and school supplies.  On August 8-10, Goodwill stores in Northwest North Carolina will offer deep discounts. All children and adult clothing will be 25 percent off and everything else will be discounted by 15 percent.“It can be expensive getting kids ready to go back to school or getting items for dorms when kids are going away to school," says Jaymie Eichorn, Goodwill spokesperson. "So we wanted to help. We wanted to get people back to school in an affordable way.”Andy Ellen, with the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association, says stores having their own tax-free events will also keep local businesses competitive with neighboring states.“Retailers will maybe figure out a way to overcome that 6.75 percent tax that other states will not be charging to ensure consumers spend those dollars in North Carolina,” says Ellen.There are 16 states nationwide that still have tax-free holidays.
In 2002, North Carolina ushered in the tax-free holiday. But last year the Republican-led General Assembly got rid of it saying it cost the state too much money. The Department of Revenue estimated North Carolina lost $13.6 million in tax revenue in 2012 due to the sales tax holiday.

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