NC Ranks In Top Ten States for Worst Drivers

NC Ranks In Top Ten States for Worst Drivers

9:54am Dec 16, 2013
WoodenNature via WikiMedia Commons

North Carolina has made the Top 10 list.  Unfortunately, it's the top 10 list of states with the worst drivers.

This particular top ten list comes courtesy of a website that allows people to compare the various features of auto insurance companies. 

For the worst driver rankings, the company gathers and compiles data on fatality rates per 100-million miles traveled, citations for failure to obey traffic signals and seatbelt laws, and drunk driving, as well as speeding and careless driving tickets.  Then, as the website explains, "We translated all of this information into one Total Score: the higher the score, the worse off the states were. For example, the state with the most Careless Driving, Florida, got a 51 on the scale (District of Columbia is included in the rankings). The higher the score in each category, the worse the drivers, and the higher your state's car insurance rates could be."

The state with the worst drivers this year is Louisiana for the second year in a row. The Pelican State finished among the top 5 in three categories: Failure to Obey, the Ticketing Rate, and Careless Driving. North Carolina comes in at number 7.  It's better than Louisiana, but still nothing to crow about.  And what does the website say about North Carolina?  This: "North Carolina’s rankings start out just above the average, but receiving Top 10 finishes in both Ticketing Rate and Careless Driving mean they’re five spots higher than their previous position. The biggest jump in their ratings came from the Careless Driving category – 13 spots worse than our last measurement."

We're tied with Missouri for the number 7 spot.   And South Carolina's drivers, according to, are the second-worst in the country.  The others on the top ten... or should it be bottom ten... list of worst drivers: Mississippi at number 3, followed by Texas, Alabama, Florida, Montana and North Dakota. 

To see how all the states stack up, click here.

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