Political infighting between the North Carolina Republican Party and its chairman has escalated. The party is now circulating petitions calling for the ouster of Hasan Harnett.

The NC GOP has released a statement accusing Harnett of “apparent unethical and potentially illegal behavior.”

The party is accusing Harnett of planning to crash the State Convention website, and replace it with a new site featuring an unapproved fundraising system.

They also say he used his official NC GOP email account to create alternative options for convention ticket sales. The Central Committee ordered the closure of that account.

Last month, the committee passed a resolution of no confidence in Harnett, the party's first black chairman.

The Charlotte Observer reports the organization will hold a special meeting April 30th to remove Harnett, one week before the party's state convention in Greensboro.

Harnett has denied the accusations, calling the information “old and stale.”




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