NC Elections Board Certifies Primaries, Runoffs

NC Elections Board Certifies Primaries, Runoffs

6:59am May 23, 2014
North Carolina's 5th Congressional District
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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina is finalizing this month's primary election results and setting up a second round of voting for July in counties where candidates couldn't claim victory in the initial round. 

The state elections board on Thursday approved the results of the May 6 primary elections. Spokesman Josh Lawson says none of the 19 contests facing July 15 runoffs are for statewide office, so just 37 counties will have a second round of voting.

The highest-profile runoffs pit Democrat Josh Brannon against Gardenia Henley in the 5th Congressional District, which covers the northwestern corner of North Carolina from the mountains to the Triad, and Phil Berger Jr. versus Mark Walker in the 6th District Republican race.  The 6th District runs along the north central portion of the state bordering Virginia, and south into the eastern part of the Triad.The elections board denied an appeal by Bruce Davis, who alleged votes were miscounted in his loss to Laura Fjeld in the 6th District Democratic race.

Last week, incumbent 6th District Representative Howard Coble, a Republican, endorsed Berger over Walker. Coble, 83, will not be running for another term after 3 decades in the House.

WFDD's Steve Biddle contributed to this article

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