NC Budget Could Incentivize Lower Budget Film And TV Shoots

NC Budget Could Incentivize Lower Budget Film And TV Shoots

3:40pm Jul 13, 2021
The N.C. Film Office says over $300 million in spending is anticipated for film production in the state — a number that could rise if adjusted film grant incentives pass the budget process. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

North Carolina’s budget for the next two years could include some changes to the state’s film grant program. If passed, more film crews could be headed to the state.

The latest version of the Senate budget proposal includes some changes to the minimum spend threshold for films and made-for-TV movies.

This means for theatrical releases, films with budgets of $1.5 million would be eligible — currently, the budget must be at least double that. If the provision becomes law, television and streaming series would qualify at $500,000 an episode as opposed to $1 million. And the maximum grant for an entire season of a show would increase to $15 million.

“There are certainly some budgets of projects that are smaller than what the current requirements are that maybe are not considering our state that now would take a second look at North Carolina,” says Guy Gaster, the director of the North Carolina Film Office.

Gaster says over $300 million in production spending has been forecast for this year, and he anticipates this being one of the best years on record for film in the state. 

The measure has moved on to the House. If approved, it will land on Governor Roy Cooper’s desk for signing.

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