NC Bill Focuses On School Employees' Political Activities

NC Bill Focuses On School Employees' Political Activities

5:02pm Mar 27, 2015

A bill filed in the N.C. Senate Thursday would limit political activity by school employees, including teachers and administrators. The bill's sponsor says he's concerned that the state is funding these employees.


Republican Sen. Andy Wells, the bill’s primary sponsor, told the News and Record that the legislation is an attempt to create uniform standards. He says school boards across the state have different rules on the time, manner, and type of political activities in which school employees can engage.

Senate Bill 480 would regulate participation in political campaigns during working hours, the use of public funds or property for advocacy, and using the authority of the employee's position to affect an election’s result.

The bill is co-sponsored by Wells and Sens. Trudy Wade and Andrew Brock, also Republicans.

One Guilford Elementary School teacher called the bill a “solution in search of a problem”, adding that it could have a chilling effect.



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